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Choosing an obstetrician/gynecologist can be difficult. Sometimes it helps to hear another woman's opinion. In light of that, a few of our patients have offered to share feedback on their experiences with us. We hope their words help you find the best physician for your needs!

Kristina Barricelli

My name is Kristina Barricelli and I am 28 years old. I'm not sure what other women's experiences have been like with their gynecologist, but I was terrified when I found out I was pregnant. This was because, given that I never had any gynecological issues in the past, I had been satisfied up till then with the Pap-smear factory I went to twice a year. Now that I was pregnant, I realized I needed to work quickly to find someone I could really trust - someone capable enough to guide me through my pregnancy.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a happy face greeting me when I came into the reception area of Dr. Rodriguez's office. It wasn't the usual "What's-your-name-and-I'm-too-tired-to-be-doing-my-job" greeting. When I came to the office for my regular visits, the nurses helped me feel at home. Every test and procedure that I needed to have was taken care of in the same office, which was super convenient for me - especially in my wobble stage.

On top of all these perks, Dr. Rodriguez was always on point.
She took her time with all my silly and probably unnecessary questions. After a while, I started to feel so comfortable with
her that I actually stopped back-seat driving.

I now have a happy and healthy 7-month-old baby boy. I frequently send pictures to Dr. Rod, and she takes time out of her busy day to email me back with sweet comments. I take my son to a wonderful pediatrician across the hall from Dr. Rod's office, so I still drop in from time to time. I'm always genuinely welcomed by all the staff members, who are excited to watch my little guy grow. I can't imagine experiencing this beautiful time in my life with another group of people.

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